About The Minardi Team

We’re a small group of amazing, determined, young, ambitious, diverse, smart and driven real estate agents.  We will not be denied.  We were each put on this planet to help people and what is more rewarding than helping someone find the home of their dreams?!for sale

Seriously, our “homes” are so important…that buying a house isn’t something everyone gets to do…but when you find the right one, it’s pretty obvious.  People get so happy inside and content with their lives.  Sure they can get nervous about the purchase or the loan…etc.  But the truth is, people’s whole “BEING” is changed when they move into a house for the first time.

We specialize in first time home buyers but we also work very well with folks who don’t need quite the education, but are lovely to help nonetheless.

Click on our contact page is you’d like to get more information on what we are up to!  But, let’s be real, we are pretty driven.  And that means there’s a decent chance we may not return your phone call!  Perhaps a text is better and we’ll respond on our time.