Prepping Your Home to Sell

I’ve seen some pretty crappy homes before when arriving for a meeting to discuss listing the home.  I’ve seen diapers on the floor, trash overflowing, boogers (yes actual snot) on the walls, and I’ve seen full toilets that haven’t flushed in over 24 hours.

YUCK!  People!!!  Get it together!  Who’s going to want to buy your home if you won’t even take care of it when you’re SUPPOSED to be showing it off?!Nice trees and landscaping services

We keep a long list of vendors in our back pockets.  We have cleaning companies, roofers, contractors, tree trimmers, carpenters, and hardwood floor experts.  We have stagers, lenders, concrete repairmen, and insurance agents.  We are connected to our community and we are pleased to offer you those relationships as an asset to your sale.  It NEVER hurts to have a landscaper who you can trust to get the lawn and garden looking it’s best before move in day…or just before placing a house on the market!

So when you’re going to out to hire someone to be on YOUR team – the team that is selling your home – make sure you pick the team with the largest Rolodex!